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Neil Christey

Healing therapies and creative expolration for mind, body and spirit.

We offer our services to groups and individuals. Individually we offer Hypnotherapy, Breathwork and Sound Healing. Based on the individual need we also offer Angelic Reiki, Ho'Opnonopono, and Crystal Healing as well as readings from the soul level.

Our group sessions include, Sound Revolutions (Next level sound healing,) Breathwork, Drumming Circles, Yoga Nidra, training, workshops and Cacao Ceremonies. 

Without a doubt what ever stage of your life journey you are at The Soul Sound Spirit can give guidance, support, growth and healing.    

Neil Christey




'You are all that you see as beautiful.'

My spiritual journey started in 2016 when I consciously chose to become aware of my spirituality. I was in a crisis point in my life, I had many unresolved issues which had led me to a critical moment where I decided to look for answers within. I joined a meditation centre, I gave up drinking, eating meat and I became celibate...all at once!  I found it really easy and comforting to sit for hours on end in meditation and I did not miss the things I had given up at all. I immersed myself in spirituality and philosophy and I had many incredible initiations into wisdom and profound spiritual experiences.  Meditation gave me a new purpose and a new life. As a child I was always interested in healing arts and creative self exploration; I began reading tarot and learning self hypnosis  when I was 12. Between the ages of 14 to 36 life really put me through it, I experienced, neglect, physical, mental and sexual abuse in my relationships, co dependent addiction to drugs and alcohol and stating my truth in the justice system.  When the time was right and when I was strong enough to do so I came out of the meditation centre and began to live a new life and experience life with an unbreakable connected to my one true belief.  Through out my journey I have discovered the only true belief is self belief, and in my work as a therapist and healer I am dedicated to bringing you to that point of truth. This is the one true belief and the return to self.


I am humbled by the power of sound and the transformational healing journey it has lovingly provided. It has allowed me to accept my healing path. The healing arts have enabled me to be in control whilst I am in my most vulnerable and wounded places. I walk with with courage, dignity and love, I accept my beauty, and I meet with Peace as my equal.

And so it is by healing myself that I heal that same part of me in all that is.


Clinical Hypnotherapy (Northern College of Clinical Hypnotherapy 2023)

Trance Dance (Leo Rutherford and Howard Malpas 2022)

Living Shamanically in an Unstable World (Leo Rutherford 2022)

Breathwork Facilitator (Make Some Breathing Space 2022)

Ancient Ways Shamanic Apprenticeship (Suzi Crockford 2021)

Yoga Nidra facilitator (Yoga Nada School 2021)

Cacao Ceremony Facilitator (Intuah Create 2021)

The Complete Medium (College of Psychic Studies 2021)

Angelic Reiki Professional Practitioner (Pauline O'Grady 2021)

The Initiatory Journey of the Fool in Tarot (Kairos Education 2020)

The Spirits Apprentice (College of Psychic Studies 2020)

Gong Practitioner (Sheila Whittaker, College of Sound Healing 2020)

Advanced Ho'Opnonopono (Dr Joe Vitale 2020)

Bio Sound Healing Practitioner (Oisin Academy Ireland 2019)

Crystal Healing (VHF 2019)

Paws B Mindfulness Teacher for ages 7 - 11 (MiSP 2019)

Meditation (Sri Chinmoy Centre 2016)

Dots Mindfulness Teacher for ages 4-6 (MiSP 2021)

Member of the Complimentary Medical Association MCMA

Member of the College of Sound Healing CoSH

Practitioner Insurance with Balens Ltd

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