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Drumming Journey (1h)

Hypnotherapy (1h)

Hypnodrum™ (1h30)

Hypnotherapy - Stop Smoking (1h30)

Hypnotherapy - Weight Loss Transformation

Akashic Reading (1h) with healing (1h30)

Shamanic Journey (1h)

Breathwork (1h or 1h30)

Sound Healing (1h or 1h30)

Angelic Reiki (1h or 1h30)

Native Drums

Drumming Journey with the Unity Drum (1h)

A drumming journey is a sound and vibration experience which will take you to a distant space of calm and tranquility where you can observe life from a new perspective.

Explore your inner calm, take a journey within under the unity tambour. Meet your inner guidance and find your way in life.

The spirit of the drum has the power to change your life.


The Unity Tambour, which is used is exclusive in the UK.


This session is perfect for relaxation, calmness and relief of stress and anxiety. Additional benefits include improved quality of sleep, increase strength of the immune system and bring the body to a healing state.

Book now with Nicolas for this experience.


Hypnotherapy (1h)

Hypnosis is a natural way to help you identify and change limiting beliefs and behaviours so that you can live your fullest and best life.


With hypnosis you can be completely in control of the reality you wish to create.


During a hypnosis session, through guidance, you will directly access your unconscious to make positive changes and achieve your well-being goals


Hypnosis can help you for many, many things. Here the main topic :

- confidence

- self esteem

- anxiety

- stress

- phobias/fears

- addictions: cigarette, food, alcohol, sugar,

drugs, sex, ... (only with Hypnodrum Addiction : see below)

- depression

- habit

- obsessive compulsive disorder

- mourning

- sport performance

- motivation

- understand yourself

- anger

- hysteria

- habits

- pain

- insomnia

- sexual difficulties

- vertigo

- jealousy

- post traumatic stress disorders

- weight loss 

Book with Nicolas or Neil for this treatment.

Hypnodrum™ (1h30) more information to follow

Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking (1h30)

More information to follow 

Fitness Friends

Hypnotherapy - Weight Loss Transformation

Weight Loss Pricing.JPG
Space Supernova

Akashic Reading (1h)

The Akashic records hold the information and the power that we were born to discover. Our purpose in life's journey is written in the records. During a reading of the records. I will establish a connection with the guardians, lords, and masters of the records and ask that they present us with the information that needs to be presented during the reading. This is a powerful and transformational experience that can bring about profound healing and understanding. During the Akashic records reading the love of your ancestors and loved ones is also invited from spirit. If you wish the Akashic records can also be read using Tarot cards.


This session would be for you if:

You need to find purpose and direction.

You are looking for spiritual guidance and development.

You are looking for answers from spirit.

Book a private appointment with Neil 

Olive Grove

Shamanic Journey (1h)

A shamanic journey is an exploration of the inner world with intention. It is an ancient way of creating harmony, contentment and expansiveness in your daily life through a communication with your inner guides to discover new perspectives. I will explain how to recognise your guides and how to navigate the shamanic map to access the truth that is needed. These moments of truth will bring acceptance, release and gratitude to the forefront of life's challenges and celebrations. I will use drumming to take you on a journey to meet your guide and power animals and discover the answers that they are waiting to present to you.


This session will be right for you if:

  • You have questions and are looking for guidance and insight.

  • You are going through a period of spiritual, emotional or physical change.

  • You are interested in establishing a deep connection with your intuition and inner guidance.

Sessions are available in person or online with Neil. 

Girl Relaxing

Breathwork (1h or 1h30)

Advanced Breathwork (Physical and emotional release)

Relax with sound and then using breathwork, tune in to the body to discover areas which need releasing from emotional and physical tension. This session is for you if you are looking for a physical and transformational release. Also if you have not been able to express the emotions of an issue, this is a good way to release and express.

Book a session with Neil.


Sound Healing (1h or 1h30)

Sound Healing (Physical, emotional and spiritual healing)

Sound healing uses the sonic frequency of ancient sounds to rebuild and restore the body, mind and spirit. Sound healing is the basis of all the healing sessions I offer and is integrated through all the sessions I offer.

This session is for you if:

You are coming to your first healing session.

You are looking for deep relaxation and tranquility.

You sometimes feel overwhelmed in any areas of your life.

Book a session with Neil.

Angel statue

Angelic Reiki (1h or 1h30)

Angelic Reiki is super power Reiki using Angelic energy, the energy of ascended masters and pure source. You will be lying down for the session and you will awaken to feel your subtle energies have been fully restored and rebalanced. This is the right session for you if you are looking for a spiritual healing session and for a balanced energy field. It is a deep and moving session.

Book a session with Neil.

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