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‘Would you rather come to a sound bath to change your night or a sound bath that will change your life? That’s what they do, that’s what these events are all about for me.’ - Durham Jan 2023

The words of our attendees say it all, we are always incredibly grateful for the changes that our events have on peoples lives.

Never before experienced in the North East our unique and revolutionary combination of ancient drumming, gong vibration, singing bowls, shamanic vocals and intention setting bring sound healing into the 21st century. Whether you come to one event or you come regularly, a change to your life for the better is guaranteed.


The ceremony is a connection to unconditional love. 

The ceremony begins with a blessing and cleansing using traditional herbs, followed by a connection to the spirit of Cacao and the elements. A guided shamanic journey will take you to your own Tree of Life and after the journey, Neil and Nicolas will present traditional ancestral medicine songs to honor our ancestors, guides, and loved ones in the Akashic realms.  There will be a divine and sacred breathwork session to enable us to connect to our soul purpose and to feel the strength of our wings.  And with this wonderful connection, we will have a sound revolutions healing session, a chance to lucid dream immersed in ancient sounds.


Do you want to stop smoking in 2023? I am running a group hypnosis session to help you with just that. Using tried and tested hypnosis techniques I will ensure that you leave cigarettes behind you easily and happily. Group hypnosis has helped many people recover from addictions and now its time for you to finally stop.
One to one treatments are also available for smoking and other addictions, prices start at £150

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Would you like to understand how to heal and balance your own personal energy centres? Would you like to understand what and where your chakra centres are? Would you like to learn simple and effective ways to tune up and control your body's energy centres?

Using sound and crystals we will show you how in this 3-hour masterclass with Neil and Nicolas from The Soul Sound Spirit.

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