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Hypnotherapy is a proven way to bring the unconscious mind into conscious awareness. The word Hypnosis is a deeply nourishing and healing state of sleep that your mind and body are in  whilst you are in a Hypnotherapy session.  Hypnosis is a natural way to help you identify and change limiting beliefs and  behaviours so that you can live your fullest and best life. With hypnosis you can be completely in control of the reality you wish to create. During a hypnosis session, through guidance, you will directly access your unconscious to make positive changes and achieve your well-being goals.

The sub-conscious mind is an archive of all of your life experiences, and these life experiences become programs and systems through which you live your daily life.

By relaxing deeply into hypnosis, under professional guidance, you can make conscious therapeutic changes to the programmes, create new programmes where needed and, strengthen the ones that are already thriving. 


Hypnotherapy gives you full control of how you live your life to the fullest and truest expression of who you are.  Hypnotherapy can be used for physical therapy, to  improve mental health, for spiritual growth and for self development. Hypnotherapy is a gentle and nurturing yet powerful therapy that can bring profound change and healing from the very first session.

Contact us to find out more about our popular weight loss, Hypnotic Gastric Band and smoking cessation bundles as well as our relaxation and confidence building bundles.

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