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Kundalini Yoga Outside

Breathwork is a powerful and incredible tool that can bring physical, emotional and mental change for wellbeing. Whatever we carry in our body, mind and emotions we also carry in our breath. Every event in ourselves is followed by our breathing. Just notice how your breathing changes during the day, are you pausing your breath right now? 

The practice of Conscious Connected Breathwork is an invigorating breath that will gradually bring the body to a level of energy where all the events that we carry in our body, mind and soul can be accessed and transcended. Conscious Connected Breathwork is similar to the breathing you may have seen on TV. I have been leading breathwork sessions in London and now I am offering them in the North East. I am qualified with 400 hours of practice with a training program certified by the Global Breathwork Alliance and the International Breathwork Foundation. 

Relax with sound and then using breathwork, tune in to the body to discover areas which need releasing from emotional and physical tension. This session is for you if you are looking for a physical and transformational release. Also if you have not been able to express the emotions of an issue, this is a proven way to release and express.


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